Why Choose Buffalo Meat?

You've heard of it, maybe even seen it on a menu or at a friend's house. Now, it's time to learn more about American Buffalo meat, the healthy, great tasting alternative to beef.

Buffalo meat, besides having rich, natural flavor, is also far lower in fat than beef and poultry. Buffalo meat makes a wonderful addition to a low-fat diet and is an exciting course for a summer barbecue or an elaborate holiday dinner.

Buffalo Health FactsWhy are we here at Yankee Farmer's Market so BIG on buffalo? Because it is the natural, delicious choice for health conscious individuals and beef lovers everywhere. At Yankee Farmer's Market, all of our buffalo are fed a natural diet of hay as well as having many prime acres to graze freely. They also get occasional treats such as apples.

Our bulls are raised 20-24 months of age for desired tenderness and all of our meat is USDA inspected, vacuum packed, and flash frozen to ensure the highest quality. Yankee Farmer's Market guarantees quality buffalo meat, containing NO growth hormones, NO stimulants, and NO antibiotics.

Before we give you the impressive list of nutritional facts and advantages, or fully describe the tender, delicious taste, we want you to know a few things about the American buffalo as we here at Yankee Farmer's Market have come to know them.

Buffalo vs. Bison? American Buffalo and bison are the same animal. Bison is actually the scientific name of the American Buffalo. When Europeans first encountered the buffalo in the American west during the 1700's, the only animal they could compare it to was the water buffalo of Africa. Buffalo are in large numbers today. By the end of the 1800's, fewer than 1,000 buffalo remained in North America. With the help of government programs, and many farms and ranches in the United States and Canada, that number has now grown to over 200,000.

Are Buffalo wild animals? Like any group of animals, there are some more wild than others. It is true that there are very few totally domesticated buffalo, however, the more time you spend with a buffalo, the more friendly and trusting they become.

Buffalo Statistics... A buffalo can grow to be up to 2400 pounds, six feet tall and nine feet long. A buffalo can sprint up to 40 miles per hour for a quarter of a mile! Most animals that are taken to market are bulls anywhere between 1000 and 1200 pounds. Females are used for reproduction. They have a nine month gestation period, usually calf in their third year, and calf yearly well into their twenties. Calves are born in late spring and are generally 45 lbs and cinnamon or reddish in color.

Now that you know a little bit about the buffalo, it's time to see what makes Yankee Farmer's Market Buffalo Meat the best tasting steaks, burgers, and ribs in the world, not to mention the healthiest! Go right to our Health Benefits page or explore the delicious taste before ordering and trying it for yourself!