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Here at Yankee Farmer's Market, we feel a strong connection to our entire family, our customers, the town of Warner, the state of NH, our country and everyone across the globe.

As local farmers we cherish the importance and value of being part of a community.

And now more than ever is the perfect time to redirect efforts back to that cause and strengthen all of our connections, AND have fun doing it!

In this renewed spirit of building community in a positive and entertaining setting, we’ve teamed up with some of the greatest names in sports and gaming to share a free app for everyone to play. It’s a sports game that connects everyone in a fun, simple, social and competitive environment.

We would like to personally invite you into the world of FireFan. The hottest interactive Sports App community ever created.

It’s way more than an app. It's real-time play that puts your head in the game...literally.

You predict the scores. You call the plays. You decide the action. The penalties. And more…...ALL IN REAL TIME. WHILE YOU ARE WATCHING THE GAME!

And even more get a chance to compete against your favorite sports heroes, celebs, your college buds, friends and family, or die-hard fanatics just like you.

You can play for free, or join a League. The better your calls, the more accurate your predictions, the faster you'll move up in the standings. The more you play, the more rewards you’ll earn!

Don't miss out. See why FireFan is getting all sports fans across America fired up.

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Our Goal:

To join together 10,000 players in our community.

And it all starts with you.

In general, people share an app an average of 7 times.

We can start by sharing with just 500 people, they will share with 7 (3,500), and they will share with 7, for a total of 24,500. If the averages are correct, that's over double our goal of 10k!

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