Customer Submitted Recipes

Want to share your famous recipe on our website or blog?

Please email the entire recipe in a text document or Microsoft Word format to By doing so you are giving us permission to post your recipe to our site. Please feel free to include your full name, company name and link to your website so we may give you full credit for the recipe. It is the sole discretion of Yankee Farmer’s Market which recipes get chosen.

Items to include with your recipe:

• Title:
Some names are more detailed, where others are basic (ex.-Granny Smith Apple Pie vs. Apple Pie).

• List of Ingredients:
Ingredients should be given in exact amounts. They should also be listed in the order they are used.

• Directions:
Directions should be step-by-step. Easy to follow. Some recipes number the steps.

• Cooking Method:
The recipe should tell you how you will be cooking the dish (name some examples).

• Container Size and Type:
Containers described in detail (large bowl for mixing, 9x13 baking dish).

• Yield:
The yield of a recipe can be defined as how many servings the recipe will produce. If the yield = 6 that means it will make a total of 6 servings. A serving size could vary depending on the type of food.

• Temperature and Time:
The temperature describes the control settings for cooking equipment (high heat, oven to 350 degrees). The time describes how long you will cook (Bake for 30 minutes, chill until set).

• Nutrition Analysis:
Provides calories and nutrients. Some recipes will list calories or grams of fat, sodium, and fiber per serving.

• Photographs:
Images of the ingredients, cooking process and/or final product.

Thank you!
Yankee Farmer’s Market