Affiliate Program
Earn revenue by sharing the quality products and services offered by Yankee Farmer's Market!

Welcome to the YFM affiliate program. Over the years word of mouth has always been a large portion of the our farming business growth. We work hard to produce the highest quality products and are proud of everything we do at the farm. It is our great pleasure to offer this program so that anyone else that shares our dedication to farming, and commitment to excellence has the opportunity earn financial compensation as well.

Our unique affiliate program allows you to generate income by sharing our message. We have developed the tools you need to be successful. You will receive your own unique URL which will automatically track all sales you generate. We even provide you with banner ads and text links that you can just choose, copy & paste! Yankee Farmer's Market is dedicated to easy, turnkey solutions to make selling our products fun, easy and profitable.

Automatically generate banner ads that you can just choose, copy and paste, as well as view your current statistics and earnings. You can even track total click-throughs generated, as well as how many of those clicks actually convert to sales. You can find additional images on our Banner Page.

Becoming a Yankee Farmer's Market Affiliate is simple and it's FREE. Simply fill out our online registration form and once we have reviewed and approved your site, you’ll be on your way. Click through to the signup page for more details.

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