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Meat CSA Family Share
Meat CSA Family Share

Meat CSA Family Share

Orders placed now will bill and ship in JANUARY.

Great for 3-4 people.
50-54 lbs per month (12-14 lbs per week)
Delivered or shipped monthly.
You will be charged on the 10th of each month.
Pickup/shipping the third week of every month.

Scroll down below the Options to read more about the program!

Our Price: $499.00/month

Monthly Recurring Cost



CSA Buffalo*:

CSA Beef*:

CSA Chicken & Turkey*:

CSA Pork*:

Pick up or Ship*:


CSA Exclusions:

List any specific meat cuts you would like to exclude.

CSA Inclusions:

List items to include: venison, elk, lamb, or other store products.

CSA Comments:

Any comments or questions?

Meat CSA Family Share

Great for 3-4+ people.
50-54 lbs per month (12-14 lbs per week)

Customer benefits of choosing the farm share?
  • Enjoy a huge variety of delicious and healthy, farm-fresh products delivered right to your local area or directly to your house.
  • Earn free meat through each purchase with our rewards program.
  • Flexibility in the ordering and products and we can customize if you prefer other options.
  • Saves you time, money and trips to our farm without having to compromise the quality of your meats and other foods.

Farm benefits of choosing the farm share?
With increasing costs in agriculture, the farm share option offers guaranteed sales to the farmer with less risk.

Typical "Family Share" May Include:
4# ground buffalo, 4# buffalo burgers, 2# buffalo shaved steak, 3# buffalo ribs, 6# buffalo roast, 2# beef steak tips, 4 buffalo steaks,6# ground beef, 4# beef burgers,, 2# beef stew meat, 2# beef steaks, 3# ground turkey, 2# chicken legs, 5# boneless chicken breast, 5# turkey breast, 4# chicken wings,3 whole chickens, 3# pork sausage,3# bacon, 4 pkg pork chops, 3# ground pork, 3# pork sausage

Insulated Cooler Bag:

When necessary you will be provided a re-usable insulated bag for your meats (which will be sent to you frozen) and refrigerated products, so your products will stay cold for hours. We do ask that you return to your pick-up location before the next pick-up.

What Happens If I cannot Pick Up or Receive Delivery?

If you need to skip a pickup or delivery cycle, we will make arrangements to provide you with your products on the previous week or provide it on the next delivery/pick-up day. Please be sure to email and communicate that with us.

Pickups & Email Reminder:
You will receive mail reminders about dates and times of pick up and deliveries based on your choice. Your pickup will take place starting the third Tuesday of each month. Pickups are generally Tues, Wed, Thurs, & Sat, with our Warner location offering the most convenient options.

Monthly Recurring Subscription:
This is a monthly subscription. You will be automatically billed every month on the 10th day of the month. Your subscription will be ongoing until you cancel. If you want to skip or cancel your subscription you need to let us know by the 15th of the month prior to your meat delivery. Also, there is no need to place your order (again) each month! Just order the one time to start your subscription and we will keep you active until you cancel. If your monthly CSA is being shipped to you, your recurring payment will include the cost of shipping.

Changes and updates
Any changes to your CSA must can sent over to us with this quick and easy form. Our online system where you placed your order does not allow for the customer to make edits to the order options once the order has been placed. If you have updates to your CSA please use the form each month you have changes. If there are no changes we will use your last known preferences. Changes must be submitted by the 7th of each month.

When you purchase this product you are agreeing to have your credit card billed on a monthly basis. You are also agreeing to pick up your meat at the location on the dates specified. Any meat left at specified locations are not eligible for refund or exchange.

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